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The words like ‘society’ or ‘civilization’ is an indication of the collective intelligence, knowledge, skillset and every aspect of this human race. We are social beings and right from our birth we learn, replicate or enhance whatever surrounds us – whether it is the native language, etiquette, local culture, slang or the way of living and that eventually becomes our reality of life.

Today the world that we live in has extreme inequalities. Our history stands as a witness that great wars and chaos have always sprouted-out of such inequal power imbalance. 

Harmony can only be established when the balance is restored. A prosperous economy and a country must be a balanced country, that is what the world had witnessed with India – in the golden bird era (around 10th Century AD), which was at the peak of everything across the globe.

If we students just look beyond the corporate slavery, there is much to do and accomplish. The scope to do or be something in ‘India of today’ is massive. And here we are not talking of charity – we are talking of empowering India and that must start at the grassroot level.

The vision of 'Saurvi - The Brave' is to create sustainable growth, through connecting the various dots in the society which starts from the woman communities below the poverty-line, the training initiatives by private and govt. bodies, the corporation and the last dot is the global market access. The vision is big, the work is challenging, yet the reward is life-changing and much meaningful which is worth working for a life time.

The prime objective of the Saurvi is to create an impact in the society through several initiatives which can be focused on domain like education, entrepreneurship, sustainable livelihood, govt. help and support and creating employment. Few of them are listed below: 

  • To support and help the unprivileged women and the community as a whole.

  • To educate them through various workshops, guest lecture sessions, community building activities.

  • To provide, help and facilitate govt help and funds available for such groups and communities.

  • To get them connected to the industries and the mainstream society to make them self-sustainable.

  • To collaborate with NGOs, self-help group and social entrepreneurs and innovators and work for the betterment of the underprivileged.

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