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Unleash Mind


Unleash Mind is a program which unlock the mind's untapped (hidden) potential, through some of the ancient and proven scientific techniques and which is highly helpful for students and professionals in their career and life.


Albert Einstein once said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". This is the simplest indication of the various levels and frequencies of our mind. In our own life we all must have experienced that when we need a solution, we start thinking. When we start thinking we go deep into some other levels of mind. Sometimes 'that' state of mind is like a dream, bliss, or a peaceful state, where we also experience calmness, creativity, and a flow of thoughts.


Everything begins with some simple understanding of the fundamentals of life and some laws of this universe. The Unleash-Mind community will explore, understand, and apply the knowledge for excellence at all the aspects of life.



  1. Research: Working/ researching on concepts related with metaphysics and the mystical aspects of life, sound vibrations, elements of water, electromagnetic properties of earth and so on. The impact of such things on human consciousness and mind. For example:

  2. Collaboration: Partnering and collaborating with world renowned organizations and institutions and work on the same lines. For example: and people like famous alternate therapists and researcher like,

  3. Execution: Every month there must be one program/ workshop on the theme of the community.



Speaker Tribe


Speaker Tribe is a community of speakers and leaders, impacting the world with the power of communication. Speaker Tribe empower students not only to speak confidently but also to understand and learn the science and the art of communication, by providing the basic tools, expert mentors and mentorship, and a platform to unleash the innate potential in every student and every human being. Other platforms at the Speaker Tribe are Ek-Kahani and Talkspiration.


Our plan is to open local, national and international chapters of the Speaker-Tribe community which will become an epitome and source for inspiration, confidence and network with the best communicators across the world.



  1. Talkspiration: One “Talk Event” every month which must be highly inspirational, rather than educative. Stories of people from rags to riches or achieving something exceptional in life which stands in contrast, is apt for such live shows.

  2. Conversion into a Blog: The monthly talk will be converted into a digital document/ blog, which will be posted in the social media. This could be done in the model of

  3. Story Telling Competition: Just like Idea-Mic, every month there will be a story telling competition, which will culminate into semi finals and national annual finals for the participants.



Inventors’ Village


Inventors' Village is a community which encourages students to come up with workable solutions for any challenges or problem around the society. In a way it is like a MakerSpace, which is a university community centers established within a university campus. Combine that with hardware & software resources, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create products that would not be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone.


They are a fairly new phenomenon but are beginning to produce outcomes with significant impacts. This community is all about inspiring students to innovate and explore.



  1. Product Kraft: ProductKraft is a program solely designed for engineering products at the university campuses, inspiring innovation and encourage innovation. The core focus is to develop innovative solutions, for the existing problems in the society, using technology, which can be identified through different tools like Hackathon, Ideathon etc.The students experiences the entire life cycle of the product development, which starts from ideation and design thinking. The feasible ideas are validated by the industry experts on various parameters. Before the MVP is designed or built, the students are exposed and trained on various latest technologies and the various aspects of product development. The top products are taken for further incubation and exposed to the various support, mentorship and investments from the startup ecosystem and Hatchlab Research Center

  2. Research Clan: Research Clan aims at giving first-hand experience of solving an existing problem using logic and technology. At research clan students do not search out for a problem, instead they approach the corporate, organizations like ISRO, ICRASAT, research labs, Govt. and non-govt. bodies to find out the problems and challenges in the existing system to propose a solution which can be designed.The model might resemble to that of internship, yet the modus of operandi is different. At Research Clan, we work like a student organization with specific expertise, deliverables, timeline and certain work standards to deliver the project/ solution back to the organization or institution. We maintain the work ethics and professionalism in delivering the high quality solution, yet we do not charge any consulting fee from the clients (organizations/ institutions). 

  3. Inventor Square: Innovator Square is a place for pure innovation - something which is new to the world. Whether it is a society, community, state, nation, or anything in this universe which grows or expands has two common factors - innovation and balancing which is already in existence. Peter Drucker once said - "Innovate or Die". Even the very existence which we call nature is also evolving into something better and efficient. Innovation, by definition, is the introduction of something new. Without innovation, there isn’t anything new, and without anything new, there will be no progress. If an organization isn’t making any progress, it simply cannot stay relevant in the competitive market.


Socio Impacto

Socio-Impacto is all about impacting the society in a constructive and a meaningful manner.  Metaphorically this society is like our bodies. If one part of this body is ignored or does not function well, the entire body suffers.  A healthy society is a society where every social and economic unit functions well and the potential is optimally utilized.  We enable the less developed sections of the society with education, training and connecting them to the mainstream, and hence the tagline is - A mission to empower sustenance.


The vision of Socio Impacto is to create sustainable growth, through connecting the various dots in the society which starts from the communities below the poverty-line, the training initiatives by private and govt. bodies, the corporation and the last dot is the global market access. The vision is big, the work is challenging, yet the reward is life-changing and much meaningful which is worth working for a lifetime.



  1. Identification of communities: This can be within the vicinity of the university or that of any other place. Communities of weavers, artisans, minority communities, women (into handlooms, paper plates, soap etc), children (at the orphanage engaged in some products like greetings cards, paintings), who so ever is engaged in some activities or need support to be engaged meaningfully, can be targeted. Also, help from existing NGOs can be taken to identify such communities.

  2. Need Identification: After interaction with the communities, the need must be identified and a formal report (word document) has to be prepared, along with the PPT, along with the pictures, video and other supporting documents.

  3. Implementation/ execution: This is the most important part of the process. Here we can have multiple approaches. Some of the followings are listed below. The approach could be a specific one or could be a mixture of

  • Take support from the existing NGOs for the solution, funds etc

  • Approach the corporate for their CSR funds or support

  • Find out MSME schemes for them and submit a report to the central govt for funding

  • Approach the local state govt. for training and support

  • International bodies like GIZ etc gives support and funding for medium and large projects.



Industree Owl

Industry Owl is a community of students which facilitates collaboration with all the stake holders of the startup ecosystem (Corporate, Govt., Institutions, Startups and Individuals) and also create a strong brand visibility for the SRM Ecell and SRM TBI through a series of innovative marketing initiatives, social media management, creative blogs and so on.


This community is also a platform for students to explore the corporate and the industry and equip themselves with the required knowledge, training and understanding to bridge the gap between the corporate and the academia.



1.  ITI and College Connect: Reaching out colleges (general and ITI) and offering the following:

  • Entrepreneurship Boot camp

  • Ideation workshop/ competition

  • Creating ECell and training 2 leaders from each college

  • Membership for SRM Communities for all events


2. Corporate Connect: Here the main aim is to create a platform for our students to explore, understand and learn technology and the various application of the same. These companies and industries should not be the training companies. We look out only for core companies and that can be into any domain.

  • Collaborate with Inventors’ village and work according as per the need.


3.  International Connect: Connecting Ecells across the world and create a network for aspiring entrepreneurs. The global community will be in the name of MyEcell. Apart from that connecting foreign university for help and collaboration in the context of entrepreneurship, will be applicable for this KRA.


Achiever Square

Intelligence, knowledge or wisdom is directly proportional to the exposure of a student to the outer world through exploration (participation, competition etc.) and practical application of the theory that is being taught.


The objective of the ‘Achiever Square’ community is to facilitate participation of SRM students for external events conducted by various organizations, government or agencies, facilitate internal training and mentoring needed to make them ‘competition ready’.


The vision is to be a single point of contact in the university, where each student aspiring with a dream to excel and grow beyond the 4 walls can come with the trust that, she/ he will be equipped enough with the necessary tools to take the brave plunge.



  1. 5 National International Events to be advertised every month: The top 5 events/ competitions of the months has to be advertised and the applications has to be invited.

  2. Small Boot camp: Based on the theme of the above 5 competitions. One to two boot camps can be arranged by internal members only. The boot camps can be on the theme, technology, pitch presentation or whatever can help the participants for participation.

  3. Posting 60 events: The startup ecosystem updates has to be posted regularly on the website with the link for participation/ information brochure and an ‘one liner’ details about the name and details of the event, along with some pictures or logo, whatever is available in the host website.



Hatchlab Research Centre


Idea MIC


We strongly in the ‘butterfly-effect’, that even a small thought or action has the potential to impact the entire globe. Even right now if we look back, we will find that the most of the top class global startups which are impacting the life of millions, are actually the outcome of a very small idea or a thought. This is a monthly event and a lot of preparation is needed before the actual pitching day. The following are some of the chronological steps:

  • Getting the posters ready after confirmation from the industry guest

  • Every month the same date is chosen for the ease of recall and facilitation

  • Extensive advertisement is made for inviting the ideas/applications

  • Idea screening is done by the panel of experts/ student volunteers

  • The selected ideas are further polished/ brainstormed

  • A boot camp is organized to give a final outlay to all the presentations

  • An invitation email goes to all the faculties to be a part of the evaluation panel

  • The final presentation/ IdeaMic day is executed


  1. Organizing Monthly Event: Please refer the process flow for the sequence of work to be done before and after the event -

  2. Registration Link:  FAQ and other details -



The Technology/ Livelihood Business Incubator


Hatchlab Research Centre (HRC) is a section 8 company established under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. HRC is established to support any startup ventures not only within SRM University AP but also across the state and the nation. Just like any national incubator, HRC has a provision for seed funding, infrastructure and operational facilities, market connect, mentor connect, angel investor and several others.


  1. Venture Coach: 4-5 startup ideas/ ventures will be allocated to each venture coach and that venture coach will facilitate of operations/ updates/ minor help and other things needed for the venture to progress. Sufficient briefing and training will be given to the venture coaches.

  2. Other Boot camp and other annual event (Startup Symphony): Organizing monthly as well as the annual event for SRM AP to engage not only the students from within the campus but also from the entire ecosystem – other colleges/ universities. Connecting the influencer and enablers of the local and national ecosystem like mentors and coaches, incubators and accelerations, companies and corporate, investors and entrepreneurs and so on.





Industry MIC

Industry MIC is series of inspirational talk series by the professionals and domain leaders from the industry. The speakers are very thoughtfully selected based, who share their life-experiences and guides the young minds on the path of excellence.

Every month such sessions/ talks are held once but the preparation goes a long way, right from the introducing ourselves to the guest speaker, formal email confirmation, extensive advertisement and several other activities.


  1. Selection of the Theme & Speaker: Industry MIC is a series of talks by Industry experts. This initiative will be headed by 2 student leads who will be responsible to select the theme based on the theme of 6 communities and then select the speaker.

  2. Organizing: This includes a formal talk with the prospective speaker followed by an invitation email (in case the speaker agrees), getting the poster designed, emailing all students, faculties and staff.

  3. Hosting: This is a very important part of the event because this required interaction with the guest, welcome speech and Q&A session handling and all the other followup action. The host of the event can be mutually decided but the final decision will be taken by the leads of the Industry MIC initiative.


Startup MIC

Startup MIC is far more than a startup news letter. Startup Mic captures the latest happenings in the industry as well as glorifies motivational stories of startup-founders in the format of an interview or a audio-visual-narration.

  1. Startup Snippets: Startup snippets are small creatives, which is basically startup news and startup events happening across the globe. Basically the aim of such an initiative is to excite the reader and create interest among them. The themes have to be very attractive and eye catching.

  2. Narrative Story: Story of a Star – This will be discussed later. Basically its a series of stories of successful entrepreneurs. In short, it would be like a short documentary. Students can nominate their names for "Story of a Star".


Mentor Panel


Onboarding Mentors and keeping in touch with them on a regular basis is one of the most exciting roles at our SRM Ecell. A student gets an enormous opportunity to interact with the corporate world and enhance the contact/ connect base. This is also an opportunity to interact with the best in the industry and design various activities and meaningful conversation with them.

  1. Onboarding Mentors: Mentors from various domain have to be onboarded – based on the theme of SRM Ecell (Especially for TBI – Technology Business Incubator and the 6 communities). This activity involves, identification of the industry mentors, connecting them, having the initial conversation, formally onboarding them and then keep them engaged.


Saurvi (Woman Entrepreneurship)

The prime objective of the WE community is to create an impact in the society through several initiatives which can be focused on domain like education, entrepreneurship, sustainable livelihood, govt. help and support and creating employment.


  • To support and help the unprivileged women, girl child and the community as a whole.

  • To educate them through various workshops, guest lecture sessions, community building activities.

  • To provide, help and facilitate govt help and funds available for such groups and communities.

  • To get them connected to the industries and the mainstream society to make them self-sustainable.

  • To collaborate with NGOs, self-help group and social entrepreneurs and innovators and work for the betterment of the underprivileged.  



  1. Identify women groups who can be upskilled: Identify women/ groups who are below poverty line, train and aware them about the existing opportunities and help them with the schemes and support.

  2. Woman entrepreneurship Hackathon. Conducting regular events and Hackathon for the woman community in the domain of entrepreneurship.

  3. Corporate/ NGO Connect: Getting connected with woman led incubators like WE Hub, ALEAP etc and connect the onboarded aspirants for further mentoring and support. Also, Getting connected with woman-led organizations/ companies and explain the work that we are doing (UBA, SocioImpacto…narrate the story line), get associated with them and help them in realizing their goals.






School Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship education focuses on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurship education teaches students crucial life skills, such as:

  • How to collaborate and work with a team

  • How to speak in public and prepare an effective presentation

  • How to collect and analyse data

  • How to use social media as an advocacy tool

  • How to solve real, complex problems that don’t have a definitive answer

  • How to use curiosity and creativity to find an innovative approach to difficult problems



  1. Designing Curriculum & Program: The website is developed on Apart from daily updates, maintaining the team page, blogs and other basic maintenance has to be done on a daily basis.

  2. Upskilling students at school: All events conducted by SRM Ecell has to be updated on all social media handles and also the website (ecell), along with the Startup MIC snippets.

  3. School Connect: Identifying school, talking to them and marketing our initiatives across schools. Emailing, advertisement campaigns will be a part of this activities.




Website and Social Media

The website is build on platform, which is the easiest and the most impactful way to create an engaging and attractive website. This is mostly a creative and maintenance task which as to be executed at defined intervals and as and when needed.


  1. Website Updating and Maintenance: The website is developed on Apart from daily updates, maintaining the team page, blogs and other basic maintenance has to be done on a daily basis. This also includes all updates on the social media handles, including Startup MIC snippets.

  2. Content Writer & Graphic Designer: Creativity rules the world. We are looking for students passionate about creating and designing something new. This could be either development of quality content or the visual content like graphic designs etc

SRM Ecell Newsletter

The student in-charge of the monthly magazine will be the editors of the same and will have the chance to unleash the creative aspects like writing, editing, creating, assimilating, organizing and publishing, of an individual on a regular basis.

The scope of the newsletter is extended beyond the boundaries of SRM University campus. A mailing list has been created where the newsletter will be circulated to hundreds of various colleges, universities, public and private organizations.

  1. Monthly Publication: Two student lead are needed to maintain and publish the SRM ecell newletter. Every activities, events etc from SRM ecell has to be a part of the newsletter, along with other entertaining content to keep the audience engaged. One day of the month must be fixed for publication.


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