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Unleash Mind

Unleash Mind is a program which unlock the mind's untapped (hidden) potential, through some of the ancient and proven scientific techniques and which is highly helpful for students and professionals in their career and life.

Everything begins with some simple understanding of the fundamentals of life and some laws of this universe.



Socio Impacto

Socio-Impacto is all about impacting the society in a constructive and a meaningful manner.  Metaphorically this society is like our bodies. If one part of this body is ignored or does not function well, the entire body suffers.  A healthy society is a society where every social and economic unit functions well and the potential is optimally utilized. 


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Speaker Tribe

Speaker Tribe is a community of speakers and leaders, impacting the world with the power of communication. Speaker Tribe empower students not only to speak confidently but also to understand and learn the science and the art of communication, by providing the basic tools, expert mentors and mentorship, and a platform to unleash the innate potential in every student and every human being. Read more...

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Industree Owl

Industry Owl is a community of students which facilitates collaboration with all the stake holders of the startup ecosystem (Corporate, Govt., Institutions, Startups and Individuals) and also create a strong brand visibility for the SRM Ecell and SRM TBI through a series of innovative marketing initiatives, social media management, creative blogs and so on.



Achiever Square

The objective of the ‘Achiever Square’ community is to facilitate participation of SRM students for external events conducted by various organizations, government or agencies, facilitate internal training and mentoring needed to make them ‘competition ready’.


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Inventors' Village

Inventors' Village is like a MakerSpace, which is a university community centers established within a university campus. Combine that with hardware & software resources, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create products that would not be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone.


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